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Release Notes Trinity SDKs and Backend

Version 1.7

  • Device Integrity Check through Trust Provider(s)

    • SDK is checking the health and trust level of the device on which the Trinity SDK is executed. Depending on the license settings, the Trinity Backend Service will be informed by the T.A.K Cloud if an attack is registered and the authentication process is blocked from continuing.

    • This feature requires configuration of the Build38 Backend. Instructions in the Setup and Operations Guide in Section: “Mobile Phone Trust Provider Setup“

  • With this Version, all security-relevant device signatures are verified end-to-end

  • Include Scopes in IDToken rather than UserInfo

    • Before, if Relying Parties requested Scopes, they were returned in the UserInfo by default. We changed the default behavior now to be included in the IDToken. We also provide a setting to change this behavior. (Described in the Operations Guide in Section: “Configurable properties

  • Storing and deletion of User Consent in the SDK

  • Storing of User Login and Consent Activity in a Log in the SDK

  • Configurable App Timeouts for Authentication

Version 1.6

  • Shifted from SaaS to a software delivery Framework for Self-hosting on AWS & GCS Clouds

  • Support of OIDC Standard claims and Scopes

  • Support OIDC Prompt Parameter

  • Trinity’s process integrity Token

Our Customer's Feature Requests

  • Support ECC encryption coming in mid-2024

  • Make Scope & Claims configurable coming in mid-2024

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