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Trinity Backend Service


You can self-host our services in a Kubernetes cluster or use our production environment.

Self-hosting (GCP, AWS, Azure)

For a fully-fledged step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the Trinity backend on Google Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure, please contact

Endpoint Documentation

The endpoints of the backend are split into the following parts, which currently are bundled into two separate Kubernetes services (OIDC service & modules service):

  1. Standardized OpenID Connect Endpoints → OIDC service

  2. REST API to communicate with the SDK → modules service

  3. Custom modules to communicate with Issuers and the SDK → modules service

  4. Management API to ease the life of the operator for Client invitations, key rotations, etc. → OIDC service

The documentation of the modules service should not be relevant to any normal integrator since these endpoints are all abstracted by the Trinity SDK.

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